The beef we sell at Cabarrus Meats is born and raised on the local farm in Cabarrus County. They are raised on lush green pastures in a low stress environment without the use of hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

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Our Story

As lifelong residents of the area, we had dreams of having a small farm where we could raise vegetables and livestock. About five years ago our dream came true, when we purchased a home with acreage on Hahn Rd. in Mt. Pleasant. Upon getting to know the folks at the neighboring farm, combined with a lot of barn yard conversations, the idea for Cabarrus Meats was formed. The farm’s focus was on the health and wellbeing of their herds and they didn’t have time to offer the meat for sale to the folks around the area. We are working with L & C Farms to make it possible to have fresh local pasture raised beef available for your eating pleasure.

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Pricing & Cuts

Please be aware that these may not be all the cuts available nor are all cuts available all the time. If you are looking for something not listed, please just give us a call. All beef selections are processed and vacuum sealed in a USDA inspected facility for your safety. Our Beef may be purchased frozen, fresh and custom orders are available upon request. For current availability or pricing information, please subscribe to our email newsletter, or contact us.

Economical Cuts
• Ground Beef (80/20)
• Short Ribs
• Brisket
• Stew Meat
• Cube Steak

• Filet
• NY Strip
• Hanger
• Ribeye
• Sirloin
• T-bone

• Bone in Chuck
• Sirloin Tip
• Round

• Liver
• Heart
• Ox Tail
• Tongue

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